Zahhar survives assassination attempt

Aralık 17, 2006

Gaza – PA foreign minister Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar on Sunday survived an assassination attempt at the hands of armed elements affiliated with the Fatah Movement and the Force-17, both under the direct command PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, according to the ministry.

Taher Al-Nunu, the ministry spokesman, said that a number of snipers were deployed around the ministry’s premises and started shooting at Zahhar’s motorcade immediately after he left the ministry.
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Abbas stops talks with Hamas, opens channels with Israel

Aralık 13, 2006

Nazareth – After announcing that talks on unity government with Hamas Movement had failed, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas met with two Israeli emissaries sent by Israel’s premier Ehud Olmert to pave the way for a summit between the two leaders, the Hebrew Haaretz newspaper revealed.

In its Tuesday edition, the Hebrew paper unveiled that Olmert’s two men Yoram Turbowicz, the head of Olmert’s bureau, and Shalom Turjeman, the political advisor of Olmert, met Sunday with Abbas and his close associates in secret sessions in Ramallah city.

The paper furthermore quoted Palestinian sources as affirming that the two envoys were gauging Abbas’ intentions, his next steps after aborting unity talks with Hamas, and contents of his anticipated speech to the Palestinian people. Yazının devamını oku »

just for you, palestine..

Aralık 5, 2006

Redwan: Israel’s obstinacy halts negotiations on prisoners’ swap deal

Kasım 14, 2006

An official spokesman for the Hamas Movement has blamed Israel’s obstinacy anew for the halt in negotiations on the prisoners’ exchange deal between Israel and the three Palestinian resistance factions holding the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Dr. Ismail Redwan said in a press release on Monday that talks over the release of Shalit in return for setting free Palestinian women, minors, sick and long serving prisoners reached a deadlock a few days ago due to the Israeli insistence on rejecting the resistance factions’ demands.

He denied any link between the issue of the soldier captured in the Gaza Strip since 25th June and the ongoing inter-Palestinian dialogue to form the national unity government.

The exchange of prisoners’ deal was one of the focal points of discussion between PA foreign minister Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar in Cairo and the Egyptian intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman. No details were available on content of the discussions held in the Egyptian capital Sunday evening.

Hamas: Beit Hanun massacre won’t pass unpunished

Kasım 8, 2006

Gaza – The Hamas Movement on Wednesday described the IOF troops’ massacre in Beit Hanun earlier in the day as a “horrendous bloodbath” in which the scattered remains of children and women were mingled with their devastated homes, and vowed not to let the “butchery” pass without the appropriate punishment.

The Movement, in a statement commenting on the massacre, said that it is a new witness to the cycle of “Zionist violence and systematic terrorism” that persisted in reaping Palestinian lives without any moral deterrence.

“The pogrom recalls back to mind the series of Zionist massacres in lines of the Palestinians ever since that entity was established on usurped Palestinian lands and reflects the bloody mentality of that entity that prospers on the shedding of blood and only lives in the darkness of hatred and never nourishes peace,” the strongly-worded statement elaborated.

It said that the brutal carnage aimed at breaking the Palestinian people’s determination to achieve “cheap” military and political goals, “which we believe would never be materialized”.

The Movement asked all Palestinian resistance forces to unite, cement ranks and expedite retaliation to the “Zionist criminality”, and urged PA security elements to join the resistance factions in defending the Palestinian people.
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Abu Marzouk: Palestinians entitled to use all means to retaliate to the IOF massacres

Kasım 8, 2006

Damascus – Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of the Hams political bureau, on Wednesday affirmed that the Palestinian people are entitled to employing all means available to retaliate to the ceaseless Israeli massacres, the latest of which being the Beit Hanun bloodbath at dawn Wednesday that killed 19, mostly women and children, and wounded 40 others.

Abu Marzouk, speaking to the PIC, said that the fresh massacre in Beit Hanun fell in line with the Israeli policy of “murder and terrorism”. He expressed surprise and dismay at the Arab and international silence vis-à-vis the endless “Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

He strongly condemned the American administration’s support for the Israeli occupation in its “horrible massacre in lines of children, women and old people”.
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Hamas, Fatah Agree on End of Clashes

Ekim 29, 2006

GAZA CITY — The ruling Hamas movement and Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agreed early on Saturday, October 28, to work together to end armed clashes in the Gaza Strip.

“Both movements have agreed not to deploy armed men on the streets, end all armed clashes and protect public property,” quoted Ibrahim Abu Annaja, the Secretary of the Inter-Palestinian Steering Committee.

Both factions agreed to keep all their gunmen off the streets on Saturday and allow only the police to patrol.

“Hamas and Fatah will help the police forces to deploy and they will prevent any rallies or armed displays by their members,” added Abu Annaja.

The agreement was brokered late Friday, October 27, by leaders from the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Hamas accused some loyalists of President Mahmoud Abbas of plotting a “coup attempt,” warning that they planned to storm some public buildings on Saturday.

But after Friday’s meeting, senior Hamas leader Fathi Hammad was quoted by Reuters saying: “fears that some may try to carry out a coup attempt have vanished.”

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