Hamas: Beit Hanun massacre won’t pass unpunished

Gaza – The Hamas Movement on Wednesday described the IOF troops’ massacre in Beit Hanun earlier in the day as a “horrendous bloodbath” in which the scattered remains of children and women were mingled with their devastated homes, and vowed not to let the “butchery” pass without the appropriate punishment.

The Movement, in a statement commenting on the massacre, said that it is a new witness to the cycle of “Zionist violence and systematic terrorism” that persisted in reaping Palestinian lives without any moral deterrence.

“The pogrom recalls back to mind the series of Zionist massacres in lines of the Palestinians ever since that entity was established on usurped Palestinian lands and reflects the bloody mentality of that entity that prospers on the shedding of blood and only lives in the darkness of hatred and never nourishes peace,” the strongly-worded statement elaborated.

It said that the brutal carnage aimed at breaking the Palestinian people’s determination to achieve “cheap” military and political goals, “which we believe would never be materialized”.

The Movement asked all Palestinian resistance forces to unite, cement ranks and expedite retaliation to the “Zionist criminality”, and urged PA security elements to join the resistance factions in defending the Palestinian people.

Hamas finally asked the Palestinians to display solidarity with beleaguered Beit Hanun and its residents through marches, rallies, blood donation and financial assistance in addition to any other means that would alleviate their sufferings.

Meanwhile, Fawzi Barhum, Hamas spokesman in the Strip, criticized PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ statement earlier Wednesday in which he described the resistance rockets as “absurd” and were only giving the Israeli occupation the pretext to target civilians.

He asked Abbas to apologize to the Palestinian people and to the women and children of Beit Hanun and to the resistance fighters. He added in a press release that Israeli occupation does not differentiate between Palestinian areas, citing what happened in Yamon village where no rockets were being fired at Israeli targets from there and yet the IOF troops murdered five Palestinians in a flagrant extrajudicial execution.



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