Shallah: Israel’s myth will come to an end

Gaza – Secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad Movement Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah has affirmed that the “myth” of the Hebrew state will come to an end soon, and that his Movement will never recognize it at all cost.

The Damascus-based Palestinian leader addressed, through telephone, a huge rally in Gaza city on the International Quds Day (IQD), saying “Palestine was usurped at the hands of the armed Jewish groups by force, and, therefore, it couldn’t be retrieved but by force and resistance”.

He also urged the Palestinian people not to be deceived by calls here and there calling for peace with Israel, stressing, “We should not allow ourselves to believe, even for a moment, that our struggle with Israel has come to an end”.

Yet, Shallah added, “The Hebrew state has no future in the region and the fall of this big historic lie will soon come, which was also affirmed by an Israeli scientist a couple of days ago”.

Talking on the Palestinian internal matter, Shallah acknowledged that the Palestinian arena is passing through back-breaking crises that even “strong mountains couldn’t withstand”, yet, he added, “Victory and relief are next to come Allah willing”.

He further lashed back at Arab regimes and quarters pressuring the Palestinian people to bow to American and Israeli dictates, stressing that the steadfast Palestinian people will never pay an attention to those “isolated” calls.

In the Iranian capital Tehran, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad was clear enough in describing the Hebrew state as a “fabricated entity” that the Western powers had failed in imposing on the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Nejad, in a speech before hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens gathered to attend the IQD, criticized the West for establishing that state in the heart of the Muslim and Arab Ummah, and put recognition of that state as a pre-condition for international relations between states.

“This illegal entity was created to merely threaten peoples of the region and to achieve the West’s hegemony and colonial aspirations to dominate the region”, Nejad charged.

For his part Dr. Abu Osama Abdul Moti, Hamas representative in Iran, reiterated his Movement’s absolute rejection to recognizing the Hebrew state regardless of the international pressures exerted on it.

He further urged the Palestinian people to unite their ranks and block anyone attempting to turn around their political choice and will, explaining that “forming a national unity government based on the specifications of the national harmony document is the only exit of the current Palestinian crisis”.

Manly Arab and Muslim stand towards Jerusalem is urged:
In Palestine, PA deputy premier and education minister Dr. Nasser Al-Dien Al-Shaer warned that Israel was striving hard to vacate the occupied city of Jerusalem of its Muslim and Christian citizens in preparation to judaize it.

He also deprecated the weak Arab official stands vis-à-vis the non-stop Israeli aggressions and alternation of the occupied city’s milestones, urging them to take an unequivocal and firm stand to save the occupied city and the Aqsa Mosque.

“If Arab official stands towards Israeli measures to judaize the holy city remained mere statements of condemnation, then it wouldn’t help the Aqsa Mosque. What we need is serious and manly Arab and Muslim reaction that could indeed preserve the Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem”, Shaer emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Quds Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, opted Friday to celebrate the IQD in their own way as their fighters unleashed 15 of their locally-made missiles at Israeli targets in the 1948-occupeid Palestinian lands.

A number of Israeli settlements, including Sderot, Kfar Azza, the Sofa military post, and the city of Majdal among other settlements were rocked by the Palestinian missiles.

Hebrew media affirmed that one of the fired missiles hit an important and sensitive site in Majdal city.

The Brigades, in a military communiqué it issued, affirmed that the rattling of the Israeli settlements was in retaliation to the incessant IOF troops’ brutality in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


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