Muzaini: Hamas rejects int’l force in Gaza and buys not fish in the sea

Hamas Movement has categorically rejected calls of certain parties to send international forces to the Gaza Strip, adding that Palestinians want liberation not more troops on their lands.

The Movement also invited all Palestinian factions to implement the agreed-upon national harmony document, expressing readiness to end the issue of the captured IOF corporal immediately once Israel heeds legal demands of the captors.

Dr. Osama Al-Muzaini, the Movement’s prominent political leader, said the international force proposed by French President Jacque Chirac will be a tool in the hands of the Israeli occupation government, citing the case of the EU observers at the Rafah terminal who are totally controlled by Israel.

Furthermore, Muzaini described calls to bring back the Palestinian issue to the UNSC as “useless and a waste of time”.

“Neither the Quartet nor the UNSC had retrieved the usurped Palestinian rights as we believe that nothing could retrieve those usurped rights save force and force only. All the past negotiations had added nothing to the Palestinian people except increase their sufferings and ordeals”, Muzaini added.

He called on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian factions to implement items of the national harmony document, saying, “We spent exhausting efforts to reach that agreement, yet no serious efforts were exerted to implement it”.

Muzaini’s invitations refuted “malicious” statements uttered here and there by certain Palestinian figures describing the national unity government as a “big lie” in allusion to Yasser Abed Rabbo, the PLO’s executive committee member.

The committee, upon concluding a meeting in Ramallah, stressed that any national coalition government should abide by the PLO’s political program and obligations, and should adhere to Arab and international initiatives. It also welcomed a paper presented by Abbas to implement the document and considered that document as a basis of a unity government.

But Muzaini cleared it out when he said, “We have clear national legitimate rights that we couldn’t betray nor abandon, and therefore, any suggestions that help preserve those rights will be widely welcomed by Hamas; otherwise, we will obstruct them, if proven to be harmful to the Palestinian national constants, with all the force we have regardless of who presented those suggestions”.

The Hamas figure lashed back at the PLO’s committee that accused Hamas of dodging the issue of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, explaining that if there is a party that dodge over the issue it is Israel as we are ready to solve the issue immediately if Israel heeds demands to release Palestinian female, children, and sick prisoners in its jails.

“The PLO’s executive committee should have aimed at the Israeli party for delaying an end to the issue and for imposing its conditions rather than blaming their brethren who want freedom to the Palestinian inmates”, he underlined.

Moreover, he explained that the Egyptian initiative in this regard doesn’t meet the aspirations of the Palestinian people as it suggests releasing Shalit immediately on promises of freeing unspecified numbers of Palestinian prisoners at an unspecified time.

“We don’t buy fish in the sea. The swap must be simultaneous and based on the captors’ specifications”, he asserted.

The PLO’s executive committee failed to do anything over the past years to free Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails; yet, if it starts to believe that the issue of the prisoners means nothing to them; then it should review its stand, he asserted.

He even dared members of the committee to publicly announce that it wants freeing Shalit unilaterally without freeing Palestinian heroic inmates.

“Our demands are clear: No freeing of Palestinian female and children inmates means no freedom for Shalit”, Muzaini underscored.

Furthermore, Muzaini invited the PLO committee to urge Abbas to release funds of the PLO’s investment fund to help alleviate suffering of the Palestinian people rather than spending time in criticizing the PA elected government that proved it was doing all it could to help ease Palestinian people’s agonies.


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