Haneyya: We have no political vacuum and we will not bow to political extortion

The PA premier, Ismail Haneyya, has confidently affirmed that the PA witnesses no political vacuum as a result of the kidnapping of scores of its cabinet members and elected lawmakers, including PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Duwaik, “as we will not allow anyone to blackmail our people”.

Haneyya’s affirmation was made before journalists Sunday as he paid a “solidarity” visit to the PLC headquarters in Gaza city.

Duwaik was kidnapped from his house Saturday night shortly after finishing his Isha’a (night) prayer with his wife, as he calmly accompanied his kidnappers to spare his family any possible harm.

More than 27 Palestinian deputies, all from Hamas, and eight PA ministers were abducted at the hands of the IOF troops in the West Bank late June, and were placed under detention in harsh incarceration conditions in a number of Israeli jails.

To prove that his government is capable of overcoming any Israeli obstacle placed before it despite its intensity, Haneyya announced that his government and the PA as a whole experienced no political vacuum in spite of the abduction, and that whatever Israel does, the issue of captured IOF serviceman Gilad Shalit will not be solved but through political and diplomatic means. He stressed that there were more than 10,000 Palestinian captives impatiently waiting for their freedom as well.

He charged that Israel’s purpose out of the abduction of the Palestinian legislators and ministers was to politically paralyze his government and to shake the political system in the PA; but, he added, all parliamentary blocs in the PLC aborted those Israeli aspirations as they affirmed their full support for the PA government, describing the kidnapping of Duwaik as “plain Israeli piracy”.

“Our national unity is the safety valve for us in confronting the Israeli blackmail, and in rejecting political and economic pressures imposed on us to sway us from our national constants and aspirations”, the prime minister underlined.

Duwaik rushed to unknown place after televised statements:
Sources in the Ofer detention center in Ramallah city affirmed that the Israeli prisons authority (IPA) has transferred Duwaik from his detention cell to an unknown location just after concluding an interview with Al-Arabiya satellite TV channel via telephone.

“I swear by the Almighty Allah that I will never accept to be a bargaining card in the hands of the Israelis even if it cost me to spend the rest of my life behind bars. We are legitimate officials and represent the Palestinian people, and therefore, we shall not accept to be part of any swap deal”, the composed PLC speaker emphasized in that interview.

He added, “We are freedom fighters and seekers. We want freedom for our country and our people to live in peace as the rest of the world’s peoples. Israel is capable of jailing our bodies, but it will never succeed in breaking our determination and resoluteness to remain freedom fighters for our country”.

For his part, Hamas’ jailed political leader Ra’fat Nasif asserted that the Kidnapping of the PLC speaker proves that Israel pays no respect to democracy, but it is concerned with shedding more innocent blood in Palestine and Lebanon.

From his detention cell in the Negev prison, Nasif also charged that Arab silence and world’s indifference have both encouraged Israel to carry out those violations and massacres against Palestinian and Lebanese peoples.

Office of the PLC deputies in Al-Khalil city, the Islamic Movement inside the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, and the influential Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have likewise deprecated the abduction of Duwaik and tagged it as “state terrorism”.

They charged that the international community must unequivocally condemn Israel’s undermining of international laws and conventions.


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