PLC denounces Qana massacre, urges UNSC to declare unconditional ceasefire

Ramallah – The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) has strongly condemned the IOF troops’ massacre in the small Lebanese southern village of Qana where 58 Lebanese civilians, including 37 children were buried under the rubble Sunday.

The PLC presidency panel tagged the carnage that the Israelis committed in cold blood as a “war crime”, adding the Israeli terrorism in Gaza Strip and Lebanon persisted without any deterrent, as it was enjoying full backing and blessing from the American administration.

The legislature flayed the Arab and international silence vis-à-vis those continued Israeli crimes against innocent civilians in Palestine and Lebanon, wondering up to when will that passiveness last, and up to when the international community will deal with Israel as a state above the law.

The Council, however, asserted that no matter how intense those Israeli atrocities will be, they will, for sure, fail in achieving their purposes of breaking the Palestinian and Lebanese determination or wiping out resistance in both places for as long as the Israeli occupation of their lands remains.

Moreover, the PLC urged the international community and its influential arms, including the UN general assembly and the UNSC to immediately put into effect an unconditional ceasefire in the region, adding that it is about time for the international community to carry out its mandate away from American dictates and hegemony.

Enraged Palestinian citizens disgruntled over that ugly massacre marched towards the office of the representative of the UN in Gaza city in a clear condemnation of the international organization’s feebleness in enforcing its mandate and its obvious acquiescence to American dictates.

Confrontations were registered between the angry protesters on the one hand, and the PA presidential guards and the office’s security men on the other hand.

The rally, according to local eyewitnesses, was organized by the Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), and the Mujahideen Brigades, an offshoot of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction.

In Nablus city, tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens heeded Hamas’ invitation to rally against the IOF troops’ brutality in Lebanon and Palestine, and to deplore the heinous Qana massacre that the Israeli occupation government committed against innocent Lebanese children seeking shelter in one of the town’s buildings.

Spokesman of Hamas in the rally condemned the world’s silence towards those crimes, adding that such atrocities wouldn�t have continued if not blessed by the US administration that blocked a number of resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza Strip and Lebanon.


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